Authors Starting with H

The First Meeting (How to Catch a Billionaire) Book 1 - Helen Cooper


The First Meeting(How To Catch A Billionaire) Bk 1 by Sarah lies to get job & unknowingly gets hot & heavy with the CEO 3/5

The Millionaire's Assistant Series - Helen Cooper


The Millionaries Assistant series by . Good story set over 4 books. Love how the leading man shows public and private side 3/5

Let Me Fly - Hazel St James


Let Me Fly by . Follows Just One Night. Bryn meets Charlie, hot sex, light dominance & love of motorbikes. Can't go wrong 4/5

Just One Night - Hazel St James


Just One Night by  Mysterious student captures Sara's attention & introduces her to the art of submission in one hot night 4/5

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