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Her Master's Voice - Vivien Sparx


Her Master's Voice by  Falling in Love with someone without seeing them. Awesome read. 4/5 ARC given by author.

Her Master's Kiss (Book 3)- Vivien Sparx


Her Master's Kiss 3  Great conclusion to a great series.Has hot sex,angst & suspense. Want to know more on Tink & Peter too! 4/5

Her Master's Kiss (Book 2)- Vivien Sparx


Her Master's Kiss 2 by . Well written Dom/Sub story with real feelings, concessions,drama and lots of trust.Bring on book 3. 4/5

Her Master's Kiss (Book 1)- Vivien Sparx


Her Master's Kiss by  Not your average Dom & Sub book, gives perspective to the scene without an abundance of sex scenes. 4/5!

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