Authors Starting with M

The Dom of My Dreams - M.F Sinclair


The Dom of My Dreams by M.F Sinclair Hot and heavy with mind games and manipulations mixed in with some exhibitionism and bondage & love 4/5

Up to Me - M Leighton


Up To Me by  Panty melting Cash Davenport greatness mixed with Russians,guns,realisations,hotter sex & a bottle of Jack;) 5/5

Dirty - Megan Hart


Dirty by  Damaged & Guarded Elle meets Dan in a Candy shop & finds her life of appointments & one night stands challenged 4/5

Last Christmas - Marie Coulson


Last Christmas by  Ollie's POV on life after Layla's made her choice. Potential to make you change teams 3.5/5

From Ashes - Molly McAdams


From Ashes  Spectacular inspiring story of overcoming a terrible past to forge a life & happiness that is truly deserved. 5/5

Taking Chances - Molly McAdams


Taking Chances by . This epic book is a love triangle on steroids, leaving your mind in pieces for weeks afterwards. 5/5

The Wild Ones - M Leighton


The Wild Ones . Out of reach girl and an irresistable farm hand who can't deny eachother. Horses, cars, and chemistry. 5/5

Down to You - M Leighton


Down to You  Oh My Lord, hot twins who drive Olivia crazy & get her all worked up in bars, farms and rooftops.5/5 all the way

Bound Together - Marie Coulson


Bound Together by . Hot love triangle, steam off the page love scenes. Hot Alpha male and a rock star. Overall 5/5 hotness 5/5

Rock The Heart - Michelle Valentine


Rock the Bed by . Hot rock stars,tattoos,lost love and hot sex scenes. Awesomeness in a book. Overall 5/5 Hotness 5/5. Go Noel

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