Authors Starting with R

Naked - Raine Miller


Naked by  Ethan Blackstone becomes enamored with Brynn after buying her nude portrait at auction, but both have secrets. 4/5

All In - Raine Miller


All In by  Book 2 From Ethan's POV we discover the depth of his feelings and the lengths he's willing to go for Brynn 4/5

Mile High (Book 2) - R.K Lilley


Mile High by R.K Lilley. Holy cow batman, heat, horses, catty exes, family secrets and steamy sex. What more could you want. 5/5

In Flight (Book 1) - R.K Lilley


In Flight by R.K Lilley Blow me down this book is mile high club hot and its only the first book. The storyline is fantastic too. 5/5

Checkmate (Neighbours From Hell #3) - R.L Matthewson


Checkmate by  Childhood nemesis turns into adult adversaries with sexual tension for Africa. 5/5 favourite book of series.

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