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Latest Release - The Proposal by Katie Ashley

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Reviewed 8/1/13

The Proposal by  A desperate damaged man fights like hell for the love of his life.Heat, laughs, love & baby Noah EPIC!! 5/5

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The Proposal (The Proposition, #2)The Proposal by Katie Ashley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This review is brought to you by the words "twatwaffle" and "douchenozzle" (the BEST names Aidan has ever been called!)

Katie Ashley knows how to write a love story. She made us swoon, fall in love then curse and kick our kindles with The Proposition. I was like

at the end.

This book takes us through another myriad of emotions. Emma remains the kind hearted, loving soul she has always been, sticking by Aidan's family despite Aidan tearing her heart to pieces and Aidan has been living a life of hell for the 3 weeks since he dropped his balls and got scared of what he had with Emma. At th Aidan still has his cocky big ego, Emma still has a smart mouth, and Dr Pesh comes along and confuses everyone by being so damn nice. Beau is still the dog of my dreams, Casey is the queen of putdowns and is an assassin with a purse. Patrick is cunning as always and those Fitzgerald nephews are hilarious.

Some parts of the book made me go

Other parts made me go

By the end I was

To me this is one of those EPIC books that you MUST read and MUST recommend to ALL your friends.

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